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  1. The election of the Fellow shall be held once in three years.
  2. The nomination for the election of fellow shall be made on a prescribed form available from the Secretary of the Society.
  3. The nominees for election as a Fellow shall meet the following conditions at the time of nomination.
    1. He/She should be a Life Member of IFSI.
    2. He/She should hold at least masters' degree in the field of Zoology/Botany/Chemistry or allied discipline.
    3. He/She should have at least 10 years experience of research, teaching, development and management of fishery.
    4. He/She should have special achievements in fisheries as evidenced by published research work of high quality.
    5. He/She agrees to pay the requisite fee to be decided from time to time.
  4. The Governing Body will forward the nominations to a sub-committee constituted by the Governing Body for evaluation of the eligibility of the candidate. The Sub-committee will comprise of at least three experts to scrutinize the nominations and make recommendations to the Governing Body.
  5. The Governing Body shall than consider the recommendations at its meeting for approval of the nominations.
  6. The candidate thus nominated as a Fellow by the Governing Body will be informed by post and necessary entry may also be made in the register. The Governing Body may also forward 'Honorary Fellowship' to distinguished scientist without receiving nominations and /or requisite fee.
Honorary Fellows
  1. Dr. P. V. Dehadrai(late)
  2. Dr. Hiralal Choudhury(late)
  3. Dr. S. Z. Qasim
  4. Dr. K. V. Devaraj
  5. Dr. K. Gopakumar
  6. Mr. G. N. Mitra (Late)
  7. Prof. H. P. C. Shetty
  8. Dr. S. Ayyappan
  9. Dr. Y. Kamal
  10. Dr. S. A. H. Abidi
  11. Dr. G. P. Dube(late)
  12. Dr. E. G. Silas
  13. Dr. S.N. Dwivedi(late)
  14. Dr. S.D. Tripathi
  15. Dr. J.S. Pandian
  1. Dr. J.V. Dixitulu
  2. Dr. P. Das
  3. Dr. N. C. Datta
  4. Dr. Y.S.Yadava
  5. Dr. B.N. Singh
  6. Prof. J.S. Dutta Munshi
  7. Dr. B. N. Saigal
  8. Dr. Apurba Ghosh
  9. Dr. M. V. Gupta
  10. Dr. S. K. Konar
  11. Dr. Brij Gopal
  12. Dr. M. N. Kutty
  13. Dr. V.R.P. Sinha
  14. Dr. B.B. Jana
  15. Dr. D. P. Zutshi
  16. Dr. M. Munnawar
  17. Dr. P. Jayasankar
  1. Dr. M. Sinha
  2. Dr. S. P. Ayyar
  3. Dr. M. K. Das
  4. Dr. D. Nath
  5. Dr. D. K. De
  6. Dr. M. M. Bagchi
  7. Dr. P. Das
  8. Dr. T. K. Ghosh
  9. Dr. P. K. Sukumaran
  10. Dr. V. V. Sugunan
  11. Mrs. G. K. Vinci
  12. Dr. M. K. Mukhopadhyaya
  13. Dr. A. K. Jafri
  14. Dr. K. K. Vass
  15. Dr. Dhirendra Kumar
  16. Dr. (Mrs.) Krishna Mitra
  17. Mr. P. K. Chakraborty
  18. Dr. V.K. Anand
  19. Dr. R. K. Sinha
  20. Dr. Utpal Bhaumik
  21. Dr. S. P. Biswas
  22. Dr. P. R. Sen
  23. Dr. V. R. Desai
  24. Dr. Satyabrata Pal
  25. Dr. B.C. Jha
  26. Dr. G.N. Chattopadhyay
  27. Dr. M.A. Khany
  28. Dr. A. Hajra
  29. Dr. Akhileshwari Nath
  1. Dr. M.K. Jyoti
  2. Dr. A.R. Yousuf
  3. Dr. Amita Sexena
  4. Dr. K.S. Unni
  5. Shri G.C. Halder
  6. Dr. B.C. Patra
  7. Dr. Anup Dutta
  8. Dr. K.K. Sharma
  9. Dr. H.S. Sehgal
  10. Dr. A.K. Mandoloi
  11. Dr. A.R. Khuda Baksha
  12. Dr. Hardayal Singh
  13. Dr. A.K. Dobriyal
  14. Dr. W.S. Lakra
  15. Dr. U.C Goswami
  16. Dr. P.N. Pandey
  17. Dr. Debashish Kar
  18. Dr. R.K Kole
  19. Dr. B. K. Mahapartra
  20. Dr. R.S. Chauhan
  21. Dr. A. P. Sharma
  22. Dr. U.K. Sarkarr
  23. Dr. A.K. Singh
Address of Fellows of The Society

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